Get High quality diary products delivered at your doorstep

Baviano: Milk and more brings to the city of Varanasi (Banaras) high
quality milk, curd, paneer (cottage cheese) and many more at your
doorstep with a click on the app. Following the legacy of Ksheer Sagar
which is known for its legacy of quality and consistency over decades

Why Choose Baviano

Baviano brings high quality milk directly from the dairy farm to your doorstep. We endure that you get a quality product at the best price with utmost hygiene ensuring full nutrient value and hassle free subscription system.

Healthy & Nutrient Rich
Our farms are state of the art setups to ensure
healthy and full of nutrition Products
Hygiene & Consistency
We take care of utmost hygiene to ensure proper packaging, quality controlled systems as a regular practice.
Hassle Free Delivery
Our delivery boys use technology and make sure that you get your supplies without fail.
Technology x Flexibility
Equipped with a powerful mobile app, you can manage your orders any time. Pause, resume or request addon with a tap.
It's Simple & Intutive
Choose Products
Choose the quantity and the frequency of products to define your plan
Recharge Wallet
Pay online or refill your wallet by cash when we deliver
Get It Delivered
Get your order delivered by our delivery agents regularly on time.
From the house of Ksheer Sagar

Ksheer Sagar, where ‘Ksheer’ means Milk and ‘Sagar’ means Ocean, gracefully blending together as an “Ocean Of Milk”. Established in one of the world’s oldest holy cities, Varanasi (Banaras). Ksheer Sagar has a proud ancestral heritage of serving rich, traditional sweets and savories, spanning around over five decades. Using only 100% authentic and natural ingredients, Ksheer Sagar products are made by using age-old family secrets, finding its way into every heart as a symbol of purest quality and unforgettable taste.

On-Time Everything
Fresh & Pure
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Standard & Consistent
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